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Brink of Battle: Skirmish Gaming through the Ages $0.00
Publisher: Strategic Elite
by JJ P. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/26/2012 21:37:51

This rule set does exactly what it sets out to do - historical skirmish gaming-and does so exceptionally well.

I have been playing wargames since the '60s. I've seen other attempts to capture the ability to skirmish through the ages with a "one size fits all approach" and none of them succeeded. I think this one does for a number of reasons:

  1. The author lays out his rationale for the approach he used and explains it well
  2. He makes some simplifying assumptions that are logical but necessary for his approach
  3. He provides an innovative approach for tailoring your forces

End result- it works, but more importantly, it is a fun game. What's more, as a solo gamer, it plays well with standard solo gaming approaches. I've found no "show stoppers" in the rules.

I've played a few scenarios, and enjoy the game play itself, but also am enjoying tinkering with the different possibilities for adjusting my opposing forces based on the traits and skills available.

So whether you are looking for a "one-off" change of pace for your gaming group, or you want to try some "what if?" options for creating your own scenarios, or you want to actually game a smaller action from a larger game that would have been resolved "off table" with a coin toss or dice roll i the past, or like me, want to use it as a good gaming system that covers the ancient to modern (and now fantasy) where you don't need to learn or remember a new set of game mechanics for other periods, this is a great game.

[5 of 5 Stars!]