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ICONS: Hero Pack 2.5 $5.00
Publisher: Ad Infinitum Adventures
by Christopher H. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 06/23/2012 18:23:14

Hero Pack 2.5 presents six super-powered individuals, four of them heroes and two of them villains. While some of the heroes interest me, especially the Shepherd, a roster book serves GMs best when it’s full of villains. As in Hero Pack 2, only 1/3 of the characters presented in Hero Pack 2.5 are villains. I’d have added another star to my review if the proportion of villains were higher.

On the other hand, Hero Pack 2.5 offers GMs a couple of features that Hero Pack 2 lacked. For the two villains, Ephemera and her sidekick Sequence, Hero Pack 2.5 provides GM tips and adventure ideas in addition to an origin/personality writeup. These few paragraphs make Ephemera and Sequence significantly easier and quicker to use than the villains in Hero Pack 2.5.

Additionally, almost half of Hero Pack 2.5 consists of a mini-adventure entitled “Enter: Galacticron.” This mini-adventure includes its own supervillain, Lady Omega, along with alien soldiers and a potentially world-altering event. The mini-adventure itself is worth the price of Hero Pack 2.5.

Unfortunately, Hero Pack 2.5 seems to be more poorly composed and proofread than most Adamant Entertainment products. In particular, missing and misplaced punctuation dot the landscape. The frequency of such errors makes me wonder whether anybody actually copy-edited Hero Pack 2.5 at all.

Despite the “2.5” in the title, the duplication of Hero Pack 2’s cover, and the brief errata for Hero Pack 2 on the first page, Hero Pack 2.5 is really an independent product. You don’t need Hero Pack 2 to use Hero Pack 2.5, and you don’t need Hero Pack 2.5 to complete Hero Pack 2.

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ICONS: Hero Pack 2.5
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