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Fantasy Grounds - Full License $39.95 $31.96
Publisher: SmiteWorks
by Robert S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/23/2007 09:21:46

This program is absolutly great. I have players all over the midwest and we are able to get together and play whenever we want now. I would like to see a few things made easier: changing rulesets, maybe the inclusion of using a percentile system instead of D20 all the time. However, I would definantly say that if your players can't always make a session, or you have players that move away, use this program! As GM you have control of everything, and can have private conversations with individual players, while players can't do the same to you:) I use this for almost all my gaming now, at least to include one of my players who travels around the US.

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Fantasy Grounds - Full License
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