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QAGS Second Edition
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Publisher: Hex Games
by Ricardo N. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/25/2012 18:16:34

QAGS is a simple and flexible game system. As the authors put it, it is aimed at modeling fiction, so the focus is on character interaction and narrative, rather than simulation. This puts it apart from some other generic RPG systems.

The first four book chapters (28 pages) contain all of the game rules. The rest of the book contains player and GM advice, which is a necessity to make a generic game system accessible to those with less experience with RPGs. There are also useful chapters on modeling different game settings with the rules. The text is written in a conversational, humorous style that is easy to read.

Characters are defined by three fixed, catch-all attributes and at least three freeform ones. This gives a lot of flexibility to create different character concepts. On the other hand, it may require some discussion between players and game master.

There is a uniform resolution mechanic for all actions in the game, with only a slight variation for opposed and unopposed actions. This helps making the rules simple and easy to learn and is coherent with the focus on story instead of number-crunching.

Although there are rules for character advancement, I feel that the game system is better suited for one-shots or short campaigns, where it won't really matter. Still, I'd have to play more to be sure.

All things considered, it was a good purchase.

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QAGS Second Edition
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