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Monstrous Races: The Third Party [PFRPG] $5.00
Publisher: Purple Duck Games
by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 05/19/2012 08:37:29

How often have you thumbed through a monster book and wondered what it would be like to actually PLAY one of them, rather than beat them up and steal their stuff? Even if you're the GM, many of the monsters have potential to be far more than just cannon fodder in your campaign world, if only there was more about what made them tick, not just their combat statistics and capabilities.

Herein are some really odd creatures which can be brought to life if you wish to venture into some really strange concepts. Replete with ideas about attitudes, possible classes and so on within the Pathfinder RPG, we have notes on some of the weirder critters that frequent the pages of the various bestiaries. Whether you want to bring them to vibrant life as part of the varied society in your campaign world, or as a character trying to make his way in an alien world. read on.

In an aquatic setting, perhaps a grindylow appeals. Widely regarded as 'goblins of the sea' these tricksters harbour a vicious hatred for squid and, being amphibious, are able to participate in land adventures as well as those under water, scampering around on their tentacles. Or, possibly more conventional, you fancy being a half-ogre. Often outcasts, considered weaklings by ogres and hulking brutes by everyone else, they present the challenge of being more than the mere muscle-bound hulk everyone assumes you to be.

Ifrits, kval, mahrog... and more... follow in a dazzling succession, each with its potentials and challenges. How to portray such alien beings realisticly, how to make them come alive within the shared alternate reality of your game. Role-players may relish such a challenge, whilst those interested in exploring the new options that these races provide in combat and other abilities will also find plenty to intrigue them. Make your game really fantastic! Let one or two of these beings find their way into your world.

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Monstrous Races: The Third Party [PFRPG]
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