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Public Domain Super Hero Clip Art 13 $0.00
Publisher: DM Studios
by Steve M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/16/2012 00:51:15

I continue to grove on Darrel's art packs. Although they're renderings of PD superhero and comic book characters, several of the packs feature characters with generic enough appearances that the illos can be used to represent other characters. This set features several such drawings. And the price is certainly right!

Darrel's illos have already been featured in a handful of releases from my NUELOW Games outfit, and some are going to be showing up in several planned ones, including a couple that were inspired by some of Darrel's drawings.

This one might bring about a product as well... there's a character in here with a name that is SCREAMING to be the center of a release from us.

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Public Domain Super Hero Clip Art 13
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