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The Intervention: The Official Series Bible $0.00
Publisher: Dancing Lights Press
by Larry B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/01/2012 18:08:38

Another setting in the Official Series Bible line. Just the way I like it, no system required.

In a twist from the Percy Jackson craze, heroes and demigods aren't exactly hiding; they've taken up new management and are acting as super heroes. As you would expect from an Official Series Bible, there is enough material to provide some interesting twists and intrique into to the setting.

While the setting notes gets into the Christian deity, it does avoid trying to do much with that other than having some of the old gods working with the representatives of the new. It would have been interesting to develop the heroes of the Christian deity a bit more (perhaps that will be a future supplement).

Disclosure note: while I have never met Berin in meat-space, I have know him online for quite some time. I have enjoyed his writing for many years.

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The Intervention: The Official Series Bible
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