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Publisher: Sighpress
by Brandon B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/18/2012 23:52:36

Degenesis is fun! My players love it. It has endless potential for GMs to create a plethora of exciting campaigns. It does a good job of defining the world without covering the most microscopic of details. Sure, that means that the GM has to be a little bit more creative, but that could be a breath of fresh air. You won't have players calling you out on the slightest variation of canonized material, because there is so much room to let one's own imagination fill in the blanks. Nonetheless, the metaplot is not lacking at all, and players can create extremely in-depth characters with the options available. The world of Degenesis has limitless potential for those characters to experience and explore. Posthuman Studios, who has a knack for the post-apocalyptic genre, did an excellent job with the English translation. My only real complaint would be the CatharSys system the game uses as its default rule set. GMs, unfortunately, will also have to get creative with the rules. Perhaps use a different system altogether. Great game. Beautiful artwork. A joy to read. Terrible rules. Still, well worth checking out and maybe even creating a campaign for. I did.

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