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CAPITAL CITY: Base Set $13.99 $7.00
Publisher: Fat Dragon Games
by Ricardo N. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/25/2012 14:34:06

Capital City is a set of buildings and street tiles that is a good value. The textures have good detail and many options, especially the ones for the street tiles. The buildings are easy to make and have the option to be stored flat. The visual style fits modern settings, like gang wars, superhero fights or zombie outbreaks.

Be warned, though: this set seems designed to be used on its own and preferably with the 1.5" grid tiles, i.e. for the "clix" miniatures. Why? first, because the 1" grid tiles are 7"x7" and the 1.5" grid tiles are 7.5"x7.5", whereas a more common format for modular terrain is 6"x6" tiles and buildings. Also, the size of the buildings match the 1.5" grid tiles. So if you want to use the buildings with the 1" grid tiles, you'll have to reduce the size of the buildings when printing. Resizing is not an issue if you use only this set, otherwise building features like doors and windows will seem smaller compared to other buildings.

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