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B&W Adventures: The Spirit of the White Wyvern $4.99
Publisher: 0one Games
by Erik S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/17/2012 13:51:40

I really like this little adventure and have ran it very successfully using Basic RolePlaying system. I have also made a conversion to Rolemaster that remains to be tested.

Either way this adventure is based on 0one Games Black & White map White Wyvern Inn. The adventure itself actually consist of several stories that is weaved together in a very interesting and entertaining way. There is loads of roleplaying opportunities, interesting events and ending with a big fight. There should be something for everyone in this adventure.

The only very minor flaw I can think of is that the NPCs have their ACs listed without they combat gear, which is good for when you encounter them outside a combat situation. But having their full AC with armor and other modifications for the combat situations would have been nice so you wouldn't have to calculate it during the game or make notes of it before hand.

But all in all it is a very fun little adventure taking place in and around White Wyvern Inn. You don't need that product for this adventure but if you plan on using battle maps for the combats it is recommended.

You can also get the Spirit of the White Wyvern: Game Pack where you get both the map and the adventure together with some other goodies like counters and a paper bag to hold them.

If it where not for minor flaw with the ACs this would have been another full score from 0one Games.

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B&W Adventures: The Spirit of the White Wyvern
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