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From Mud to Silver: Horror in the Old West (1st Edition) $0.00
Publisher: Pangenre, LLC
by Erik S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/17/2012 14:12:58

I bought this adventure to use it with our Aces High campaign (Chaosium Monograph) I am running with Basic RolePlaying. Was not familiar with the Pangenre RPG beforehand but after I got the adventure I saw that it was basically a d20 system similar to D&D3,5/Pathfinder.

I have read through the adventure but haven't had the chance to run it yet but it is planned to be used. It is very tied to different locations in the adventure and each location is seen as a mini-adventure. I like how simple and clear each location are organised together and the story seemed to fit very nicely together with our current weird west campaign.

Seeing as the system is d20 converting it to other systems shouldn't be to much work, as long as you have some sort of Old West sourcebook at hand you mostly just have to replace items and such with the ones written for the system you use.

The adventure is highly recommended for anyone who wants to run a supernatural horror mystery in the old west regardless of what system they use.

The only minus I can think of is that the adventure can feel a bit railroaded where you explore one location before moving on to the next one. But each location is very detailed and packed with atmosphere and they don't have to explored in a certain order. Each location is like different problem you have to solve to get a piece of the overall puzzle you need to piece together to solve the mystery. It is something I don't think people will dwell on.

[4 of 5 Stars!]
Creator Reply:
Erik, thank you for your review of our first adventure module!

One thing I wanted to mention is that although Pangenre is built ON Open Game content, it really is a different character and combat resolution system. No classes. No levels. No hit points. It's all ability and skill-based. But the core mechanics of play (2d10 + modifiers vs. difficulty class), including the flow of combat (initiative-based 6 second combat rounds), do retain the basics of d20/OGL.

The module's primary author felt that it would be best presented in a set order of encounters, which is why it can seem "railroad-y," but that is a fair criticism. It is the reason we included the "Continuity" chapter to help GMs when the players strayed too far from the "script."

We're glad you liked it! Feel free to drop us a line at or on Facebook.
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From Mud to Silver: Horror in the Old West (1st Edition)
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