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Leverage Roleplaying Game
Publisher: Margaret Weis Productions
by Devon K. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 03/08/2012 21:17:05

While heist stories really aren't my thing, I wanted to see what Cortex Plus could do on the action side of things.

The game is solid. Each character is based on a combination of Traits (think Abilities in typical fantasy games) and Roles (how good they are at the different jobs in the team). This is a little too much like classes for my tastes, but it works here and they have some great discussion on how a character fits into a team with different mixes of Roles.

There are two things about this game that really shine, to me. The first is the Recruitment Job. It takes place at the end of character creation and is meant to help build the characters, who have been individuals until this point, into a working team. Each character gets a moment to shine and all the other players get to witness that.

The second part is the Experience system. I absolutely love the way it's done, here. Each job gets a title and that title is listed on the "Record". During game sessions, a player can make a Callback to a specific job, having a quick flashback to a lesson learned and then explains how that lesson helps them get out of the predicament in which they find themselves. And it gives a bonus! And you can spend these jobs for permanent increases to your character! This is actually my favorite part of the system.

If you like Heist stories, I suggest you give this game a shot. It's solid and looks like it really supports what a Heist is about.

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Leverage Roleplaying Game
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