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East Eyrie Fortress map-pack $7.99 $3.99
Publisher: Crooked Staff Publishing
by Claus B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/04/2012 15:11:39

What you get is a nicely done 46 page PDF showing the gates, keeps, halls and towers of a large elven castle (it doesn't have to be elven). You get a nice overview of the castle with the locations from A to H on page 5, and each of the remaining 41 pages show a different part of the castle.

The maps look good and are creatively done, while remaining believable. Note that this is not a map tile set and the maps are not meant to join up to create a continuous whole. See the example PDF for what I mean.

It would have been nice to have maps of the courtyards and outdoor areas. It would also have made the GMs job a lot easier if each section had an overview page with the all the levels in miniature and some sort of legend showing what function the different part might serve. Even just a general text describing the main functions and features of the castle would have been nice.

There is a also a two page optional background lore on the castle which has a Tolkienesque feel to it that might provide a bit of inspiration. It does mention the collapse of one of the towers, and that the castle was rebuilt, but less grand than it had been. I think Kristian Richard might have missed a trick by not having any of the map sections show older ruins, or blocked off sections (although there are a couple of secret doors), but if you're not planning to use the background lore anyway this is of no consequence.

I was thinking hard whether to give this product four or five stars, and in the end I had to give it five. I would have liked more information about the castle, but it advertises itself as a map pack and what you get is indeed a great looking map pack of an interesting castle.

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