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Introduction to the Star Fleet Universe: Prime Directive and Roleplaying $0.00
Publisher: Amarillo Design Bureau
by Oscar T. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/02/2012 18:50:38

This product is an excellent introduction into the FASA Star Fleet Battles version of Star Trek, best of all it's FREE!!!

You're given a fairly comprehensive, yet basic, insight into the various species and their societies. You get a very basic and primative galactic map reminiscent of the SFB products of the early 1980s that brought fond memories and even a tear to my eye. The modern gamer will find the map to be quaint and only minimally useful.

You're also given a good overview of all the SFB related products available, making it easy to pick which ones you'll buy and in what order.

I would have liked more content covering the various pewter starship miniatures, however beggars cannot be choosers. Its a free product don'cha'kno?

[5 of 5 Stars!]
Creator Reply:
Thank you for your kind review! We do want to note this if for the Amarillo Design Bureau Prime Directive line, not FASA. :) We are the creators of Star Fleet Battles (our ongoing, richly detailed starship war game).

You can see our starship miniatures here:
n=SFNT&Store_Code=S The Starline 2500s are slightly larger and more highly detailed minis. The Starline 2400s are more extensive and not quite as detailed.

Again, thanks!

Jean Sexton, ADB, Inc., Marketing Editor
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Introduction to the Star Fleet Universe: Prime Directive and Roleplaying
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