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The Genius Guide to Hellfire Magic $3.99
Publisher: Rogue Genius Games
by Joshua G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/21/2012 17:57:44

Alright, I'll admit it, I knew I was buying this the moment I saw the cover image. The left hand weapon effect had me curious, and the spell that allows it, very very cool. 16 pages of virtual weight, with the classic ¾ cover that SGG is known for, as well as the 3 column format. 1 page goes to OGL and credits, leaving us with roughly 14 pages of shiny new goodies to devour.

One of the first things that must be discussed in regards to this product is that the introduction gives us something important to think about, and realize. Using Hellfire does not, by default, make one evil, nor is one required to be evil to use hellfire magics. Think about it, good aligned clerics and paladins have been preaching that not following the will of their gods will doom you to punishment by hellfire, would it not make sense then that these good aligned people be able to use this method of punishment against their enemies? Where not the eternal flaming pits created by the good aligned gods in the first place? Of course, at some point in history, the evil that exists within the planes of hellfire infused enough essence into said flames, that hellfire has become the perfect medium for evil, and brings with it an extra punch when utilized as an evil spell. Every spell presented here gives us the effects for the spell, plus extra effects if cast as an evil spell, allowing you to add that extra level to your games when it comes to how Good uses hellfire, and how Evil understands hellfire. Contained within this PDF are a new spell descriptor (Hellfire), 16 new spells, 2 new domains, and 3 Witch hexes.

Spells: Chastising Lash: Long reach weapon of hellfire Fashion Sinister Trifle: Create useful, mundane temporary equipment from hellfire Fiend Barbs (regular and greater): Cover armor or clothing in sharp/flaming spikes Forbidding Chains (regular and mass): Bind creatures in hellfire, hindering movement and magic. Forge Hellfire(regular and greater): Use hellfire to create weaker duplicates of lower level conjuration spells. Hellfire Armament (regular and mass): Create a melee weapon out of hellfire Lake of Fire: Create a pit that deals fire and acid damage Nightmarish Transport: Steed or vehicle gains the powers of hellfire-fueled movement Penance Skull: Extra damage against foes who violate your alignment's ethos Perdition's Wrath: Magical bolt that deals electricity/acid and fire damage. Pocket Hell: Create a personal prison that will prove very difficult to escape. Wall of Brimstone: as many wall spells, only with burning rock

Domains: Hellfire: Giving a nod to the older religions and the more fire and brimstone kind of viewpoint, this domain gives a cleric access to a variant force bolt special ability (Hellfire Bolt) and the ability to charge a weapon as a Hellfire Weapon. The domain spell list consists of 8 spells from this book, and gate. Exalted Hellfire: Essentially a stronger, more bad ass version of the regular Hellfire domain, those familiar with the exalted line from SGG will feel at home with this domain.

Witch Hexes: Planar Torment: Bolt of pure hellfire dealing that is half acid, half fire. Against extra-planar creatures, there is no limit to how many times per day you may use this hex. Hellfire Gate: Very similar to the Plane Shift spell, opens a portal to another plane. Found within this passage the first grammatical error that stood out..”....each day, those theses need not be...” Am assuming it was meant to say “though these need not be..” Scion of Hellfire: Turn spell/hex hp damage into specific energy damage, as per hellfire descriptor. And another grammar mistake “....can infuse her other magic attacks with the powerful of hellfire...” Am thinking “power of” works a lot better here.

OK, final thoughts...amazing artwork, loved the theme. There are a few grammatical hiccups, but they are minor. Can't help but think someone went and saw Ghostrider over the weekend, as several of these spells will allow you to create Ol' Bone Head easily enough for your game. Am already planning a regiment of HellKnights wielding Hellfire fueled magic, and of course that one chapter of priests, the old school dudes, who really know how to bring their lord's wrath to the battlefield....yeah, this book is a win, pure and simple. 5 stars happily given, this is a must own PDF.

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The Genius Guide to Hellfire Magic
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