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17 Archer Feats $3.00 $2.40
Publisher: The Le Games
by Timothy B. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 02/09/2012 08:58:44

My youngest son loves to play archers. So this was a no-brainer really.

This collection of 18 (not just 17!) feats really help highlight what a good archer should be able to do. What is good? Well I like the names, feats (and often times spells) don't have evocative names. Not so here, "Ring the Bell", "Until You see the Whites of their Eyes" are cool sounding and you want to take them as feats! The sound more like super-powers really. They are though what feats should be, something extra special you can do that others can't because of your training.

There are several here my son has used including his favorite at lower levels, Instill Arrow. Obviously there is a bias her towards elves and rangers, but since he is a half-elven Ranger/Bard he is perfect for this book, or it is perfect for him.

The art is above the normal standards of The Le books, which is nice. Really in a book like this I would prefer to see old woodcuts of archers. I think it adds to the feel that the feats are adding to the game, no need for "cartoony" art (of which there is only one piece and it is not really that bad).

The feats work, and they work well. What more do you need? Printer and screen versions. Works great with 3.x and Pathfinder. Some even look like they would work well in D&D4 (but I have not tried).

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17 Archer Feats
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