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Publisher: Fantastic Gallery
by Timothy B. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 02/09/2012 08:25:46

My son loves dragons. One of the things he loved the most about D&D4 was the ability to play a Dragonborn. But we didn't get to play that much D&D4, he does get to play a lot of Pathfinder. So Children of Wyrms is a great product.

Let's start with the obvious. You get to play half-dragons, quarter-dragons and dragon-bloodied (not their word) characters. So dragon plus some other race. The details for the race creation is detailed. The bonuses are detailed as expected and follow from the Pathfinder source. So nothing is unexpected here. All four "races" are detailed and special attention is give to Draconic Sorcerers. Plenty of feats are included as are magic items. For the old-schooler there is even a table of random physical traits varying by generation. Part 2 deals with the "Birds and the Bees" aspect of dragons and birth. It is assumed for the most part that the father is dragon and the female is humanoid. I suppose the reverse does not pose as many problems for a dragon female.

The book is only 30+ pages, but packs it full.

The artwork and layout is top notch, what I have come to expect from FG actually. And works as good companion piece to Sisters of Rapture. I am guessing from the point of view of both books the Sisters spend a lot time with dragons.

I am not 100% sure I'll use the entire book. But I do plan to use the feats next time my son's "3.x Dragonborn" levels up and it really has a lot of potential.

My only con in this book? No rules for playing 1/2 Chromatic dragons. Not that I can't figure it out from all of this, but the assumption here is that only good dragons do this. I get that and I understand where the authors are coming from, but the option would have been nice.

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Creator Reply:
Thanks so much for your review! I hope that you and your son continue to enjoy the book book! The reason for the lack of chromatics (or any metallic other than gold, silver or bronze) is explained in greater detail in my reply to another review on this page, but it boils down to the fact that the entire concept is one of "natural" shape-changing abilities vs. "magical polymorphing." Only gold, silver and bronze dragons gain shape changing as an inherent ability and, thus, are the only dragons able to create the draconic legacies found in the book. All other dragons must use external spell-casting to change shape and any offspring they create while under such a spell should be a "standard" half-dragon as found in the Pathfinder Bestiary. That was a thematic choice I made and I thought it was an important one. As you say, though, the templates can easily be modified to include al types of dragons should an enterprising GM wish to include them in the fun as well.

As for female dragons birthing legacy half-dragons, this can happen, but is much more rare, since they must remain in their humanoid form for the duration of their pregnancy. Since dragons are naturally egg-layers, most female dragons would find the process of mammalian birth to be...distasteful, at best. Those that do go through with it, though, would find that the chance of bringing the child to term is automatically increased to 99%, regardless of the race their mimicking. She is still in a humanoid form, however, and still not physically designed to birth a scaly baby with horns, fins and other pointy bits, so she still has the same risk of sustaining massive damage during the birthing process, however, her inherent draconic ability scores and other statistics, which she keeps even as a humanoid, would apply, making the process a lot more survivable.

Thanks again for the kind words!

-Talon Dunning/Team Fantastic Gallery
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Children of Wyrms
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