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Tales From The Floating Vagabond
$13.95 $6.98
Publisher: Reality Cheque
by Nathan R. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 02/07/2012 21:34:57

This tongue-in-cheek, beer-and-pretzels roleplaying game is filled with outrageous cliches, over the top action, ridiculous pastiches and just down-right good old fashion fun. The Floating Vagabond, after which the game is named, is a strange bar at an inter-dimensional, galactic crossroads, that sees all kinds of people, aliens and things pass through. Think the Cantina from Star Wars, but with more hot rods and Elvis. It is essentially an adventure generator ("You all meet in a bar...") that will send your characters (whatever they might be!) on outlandish adventures. Your enjoyment of the game will depend on your ability to poke fun of everything and your tolerance for a game where one of your vital stats is "Oops! Points". I have a high tolerance for such things, so enjoyed it a great deal! My favourite part? The "Schticks", which are things like "the Schwarzenegger Effect", or the "Errol Flynn Effect", which are essentially cliches your character can access for comedic effect. The art is very cartooning, but totally appropriate for the game, and some of the images are very funny! Check it out!

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Tales From The Floating Vagabond
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