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TM1: Reprieve-class Escape Pod $0.00
Publisher: DSL Ironworks
by Charles V. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/03/2012 00:14:49

A great addition to the Traveller universe! TM1: Reprieve-class Escape Pod provides excellent detail on what might be an overlooked aspect of the Traveller universe. Not only is there a full write-up with tech specs on the escape pod, but some interesting and funny vignettes of escape pod use are included. The author compares escape pods to other shipboard rescue systems such as escape bubbles and vacc suits, and provides excellent and detailed renders and cutaways of the Reprieve. A listing of standard survival gear included in each pod is provided, as is a random malfunction and damage table to keep players on their toes.

In the grand tradition of Traveller modules such as Double Adventure: Marooned/Marooned Alone, TM1: Reprieve-class Escape Pod could easily be the basis of a series of adventures where players find themselves on an unknown world, trying to survive. As a Ref, this is exactly the type of product that will save me time and heartache. I know I won’t have to pull any punches the next time I run space combat either. I’ll be updating my house rules so that escape pod use by crew and passengers is considered automatic and successful, in the event of a ship’s destruction. With this product on hand, I can easily transition from ‘You encounter a privateer’, to ‘you arrive on a hostile world in your Reprive-class Escape Pod’ seamlessly. 5 stars!

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TM1: Reprieve-class Escape Pod
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