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Publisher: Pinnacle Entertainment
by Craig D. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/02/2012 21:54:58

I've been running Savage Worlds at game conventions since 2003. Most of you in the gaming community know me as "Lord Mhor". This new edition is excellent. The best rules from the previous editions have been compiled with material gathered from other sources, making this the best comprehensive representation of Savage Worlds so far.

The rules are well-organized. Clarifications of system elements that were once confusing will help new and veteran players experience a fast and rewarding game.

The art is nice. Pages 7 - 15 are well-rendered advertisements for some of the excellent settings published for the system. Each of these settings has the virtue of a "twist" on the usual stereotypes encountered in the role-playing genres. These art pieces add nothing to the rules, but they're well done anyway.

The list of Powers is extensive. Variations in game style have been systematized under Setting Rules. Large encounters are covered with a concise Mass Battle system. Rules for chases have been improved and interludes between scenes now have a systematic approach. The excellent selection of creatures in the bestiary include circular images that well-sized tor use as markers on the gaming table, if desired.

As in all publications, some errors were caught after printing. The errata sheet can be downloaded from . For my own copy of the hardbound edition, I just cut the sheet down to size and pasted it to the blank page right after the character sheet in the back.

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Savage Worlds Deluxe
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