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Game Masters Collection Volume Two: Monsters $5.99 $5.98
Publisher: Toxic Bag Productions, Inc.
by William W. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 01/17/2012 10:28:15

Volume Two: Monsters is a collection of sixty three creature sounds and noises ranging from bugs, cats, and snakes to aliens, undead, sea monsters, and demons.

Many of the effects here are very easy to repurpose. The Dimensional Beast, for example, could easily be used as a malfunctioning robot or distorted radio message, if you don't happen to have a place for a Dimensional Beast in your scenario, and anyone with access to some audio editing software and even a modicum of skill could combine two or more of these tracks into something perfectly suited for their needs.

Most of the tracks run less than thirty seconds, with some of the more simple sound effects clocking in at between :10 and :15. Some of the effects are a bit campy, but intentionally so (such as the "Polly Playtime" doll and one of the zombie tracks) which means that GMs looking for humorous and/or cheesy sound effects will find something of use here as well.

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Game Masters Collection Volume Two: Monsters
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