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Strangeness in the Proportion $3.99
Publisher: White Wolf
by Frank E. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/15/2012 10:56:32

My review of STRANGENESS IN THE PROPORTION as posted on

I read many books. More times then not the book is good. Once in awhile the book is really good. On a rare and cherished occasion, the book is extraordinary. STRANGENESS IN THE PROPORTION by Joshua Alan Doetsch is extraordinary. I need to shout this from the rooftops more so than any other precious great read I've come across before because STRANGENESS IN THE PROPORTION is a small press publication.

This book should really go down as one of the most important horror/gothic novels ever written. STRANGENESS IN THE PROPORTION is classic, timeless and important. It's a sharp,sharp piece of writing. It was written from the Poe school and has set the bar as a modern school of it's own. Doetsch the student has become Doetsch the teacher.

STRANGENESS IN THE PROPORTION is more then just horror. It is romance. It is macarbre. It is mystery. It is crime. It is truth and it is fantastic. The characters are brilliant and more vivid then the many popular authors can muster. The story is multi-faceted and gripping the entire ride. It ends nowhere near where it started and the lines drawn between are seamless.

READ THIS BOOK! It is available at and is available in both eBook and print editions. The eBook price is a steal and you can get a print/digital bundle for an insane price. Such a modern classic is obscene at either price point and you owe it to yourself to pick this gem up. I expect you will preach the gospel of Doetsch when you finish as well.

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Strangeness in the Proportion
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