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The Hideout (OGL 3.5 Adventure ePub) $0.00
Publisher: White Haired Man
by David B. S. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 01/03/2012 12:44:40

This product is part of the Kith'takharos Setting, which is detailed at the White Haired Man home page. First and foremost, I find it interesting that the only format available for download is an ebook. Now, this poses no problem for me, because I have Adobe's Digital Editions software on my pc and laptop, but it may be an issue for others.

The Hideout is an OGL/3.5 encounter that can be dropped in almost any fantasy game setting. All that is needed is a place for the ruins of a river bridge, upon which the encounter takes place. With the background info provided this encounter can be expanded upon to flesh out a grander adventure; or it may be used for a (very quick) one-session playthrough. I also see no reason why this may not be used in any other fantasy-based campaign- perhaps as an encounter in a hex-crawl.

Included in the ebook are descriptions of the encounter antagonists and a few color maps of the bridge ruins.

A solid encounter, that can't be beat for the price, but one that definetly will need some fleshing out by the GM to provide a full session of play.

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Creator Reply:
The product description does not mention that this product is available in formats other than ePub, so I can see why you might think this is the case. Thank you for pointing this out.

The Hideout product is also combined with two other Simple Scenarios and available as a bundle for both OGL and Savage Worlds rules, in PDF or Fantasy Grounds II format. I have now added this information to the product page for the ePub.
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The Hideout (OGL 3.5 Adventure ePub)
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