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In The Company of Monsters (PFRPG) $9.99
Publisher: Rite Publishing
by Eric H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/11/2011 19:49:41

Rite Publishing has a well-deserved reputation for producing the nest 3rd party Pathfinder PDFs, and this collection of six of their best only reinforces my opinion.

It consists of six PDFs which have been released individually, so be warned, if you have them this won't contain too many major revisions.

It starts with In The Company of Gargoyles, which takes the D&D/Pathfinder Gargoyle and turns it into a PC race. The background information is given in first person, and very well presented. There is also a 20 level racial paragon class, the Stonewarden, which has a number of unique powers called 'Enticements' to choose from to individualize your gargoyle, all of them centered around being more closely connected to the earth or becoming a better guardian. The chapter closes with some new feats, spells, and even a few magic items for gargoyle and non-gargoyle PCs alike.

Next is In The Company of Giants, which does for giants what the prior chapter does for gargoyles. You wouldn't think you could turn Large-to-Colossal giants into a PC race, but you'd be wrong. It has a 20 level racial paragon class which has been modified to allow multi-classing, a welcome change. Like the first chapter, BG info is given in first person from a jotun (the race's name), and new feats made for them round it out.

Then is a chapter on Ironborn. In many ways these are Eberron Warforged, with adaptable bodies and a very open-for-customization racial template, but their backgropund is quite different. No paragon class, but it has its own bloodline for sorcerers and feats for building your own Ironborn.

Then comes my favorite chapter, In The Company of Minotaurs. It describes minotaurs as a PC race, making them both unpleasant and yet honorable in their own way, and gives them a 20-level racial class with feats, a sorcerer bloodline, alternate racial traits and favored class options. And it gives some examples of weapons and other gear for the minotaurs to boot. VERY well done!

Then we get a chapter on Restless Souls, basically a template for PCs who died but have returned to something like life. They're not undead, but they come close in ways, and they have a distinctly creepy feel. There are a number of feats and spells to choose from for your new revenant which cover a great many of the 'classic' undead abilities from legend and gaming.

Last is the Wyrd of Questhaven, easily the most original in the book. Crossbred elves and ogre magi (!), the Wyrd have a flavorful 7-level paragon class, a prestige class, their own sorcerer bloodline, and a number of feats and spells along with a sample character using rules from another Rite Publishing PDF, the Luckbringer, which is not included here (but all the necessary rules are included for using her).

Truly an awesome array of new and original PC races for any campaign, with plenty of supplemental material even if you don't use the races themselves.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
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In The Company of Monsters (PFRPG)
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