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Kai's Scoundrels $3.99
Publisher: Raging Swan Press
by Dark M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/09/2011 17:09:29

Kai's Scoundrels by Raging Swan

This product is 20 pages long. It starts with a cover, ToC, intro, OGL, and credits. (6 pages)

Kai's Scoundrels (12 pages) It starts off with two pages, a brief overview of the NPC's, Lore, how to fit them in your campaign, their operation, safe houses, tactics and three sample encounters. This first section could have used a couple of more pages honestly.

After that we get full stat blocks, history, personality, looks, mannerism, hooks relationships, tactics etc for each of the NPC's. All but two of them have black and white art head shots. The 6 NPC's are. “Captain” LeVar – male human afflicted wereshark rogue 3/fighter 4, He gets three full stat blocks for each of his three forms. He is a interesting tragic character. “Killer” Kai Linnow – female human magus 7/rogue 1, A very cool background and interesting character that can either go dark or return to the light. Marra Brandywine – female halfling summoner 1/ranger 1, very neat background with a well done character. There is also a stat block for her eidolon. Marrowsplitter – male gnoll druid 7, is neat but lacks a big history or a lot of information which is a shame cause of the potential he has. There is also a stat block for his animal companion. Mercutsio – male half‐elf rogue 1/bard 7, He is the only truly evil member of the group that is likely beyond redemption. Torn Tusk – male half‐orc sorcerer (elemental [fire]) 8, A fairly typical background, he is the most flat of the characters in the book.

It ends with a ad and back cover. (2 pages)

Closing thoughts. The art work is black and white, and pretty good. Layout and editing was so so, not as good as most Raging Swan stuff but nothing to bad. Three of the characters are very well done, two are ok but could have used another half page or more about them and one is just so so. Which makes this a different book, the quality at least for me varied a lot. There internal relationships are very well done, though some might find the brewing romance between the human woman and the gnoll off putting. The biggest short coming though is it really could have used more information about their safe houses, maybe a sample one and a lot more information about HOW they go about doing their smuggling job. These are things the GM of course can do themselves but it would have really been nice to have those things. So I find this a very neat idea some some very cool parts that just feel a bit short. So what's my rating? I am going to give this a 3 star, solid pickup if you want some NPC stat blocks and story idea's but needs a bit of polish and filling in the cracks. Add another half page or so of information on Marrow, Mercutsio, and Torn, A page or two about how they work and a sample safe house, and finally artwork for Marrow and Torn and this could have easily been a 4 star or better product, likely better.

Trust me, I'm a Succubus.

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Kai's Scoundrels
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