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Eclipse Phase: Gatecrashing Hack Pack $4.99
Publisher: Posthuman Studios LLC
by Stephen M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/06/2011 18:16:50

Where do you go exploring in a solar system that is filled with people?

Gatecrashing, The second expansion book for the Eclipse Phase RPG, answers that question rather well. With the introduction of detailed information on the Pandora Gates, which were mentioned in the core book, players can now explore planets in other solar systems by traveling through these gates.

While the weird and wonderful locations you can reach through the Pandora Gates are the focus of the book, just as interesting is the politics and intrigue surrounding the possession of and access to the Gates. The mysterious origins of the Pandora Gates and the potential profit to be had by those possessing them are ripe for a backstabbing and betrayal filled campaign.

The actual extrasolar missions themselves as describes are filled with hazards form these strange new planets, and this things that can be encountered there. and the potential for being stranded in these strange places breeds paranoia in bucket fulls.

If there is anything to not like about this book, it is perhaps that too much is borrowed from the Stargate franchise. At some points the descriptions of the Gates and their operating procedures could be a carbon copy of a Stargate description. Perhaps a little more effort could have been put into distancing it from such a popular series with such a similar premise. That said, when taken in context with the Eclipse Phase setting as a whole, it works very well.

Overall, an excellent product that any sci-fi RPG fan should pick up.

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