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Publisher: Little Red Goblin Games
by Dustin W. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/27/2011 23:00:30

This is actually a nice little supplement. It reminds me a bit of Rite Publishing’s “In the Company of Monsters” series, where the writer presents a new PC race for any given campaign that uses the Pathfinder system (particularly Rite’s very own Kaidan setting) as well as a racial paragon class that takes advantage of the new race’s inherent abilities (i.e., the Stonewarden class from In the Company of Gargoyles or the Hishoken class from In the Company of Tengu). The only thing here, however, is that instead of taking a pre-established mythological creature like a minotaur or a kappa and developing an inventive, race-specific 20-level base class around that creature, Little Red Goblin Games had the initiative and ingenuity to create a character race of their own--namely, the body-shifting, daylight-sensitive Ravan, whose oldest members are the mutated product of a magical experiment gone wrong that involved a bizarre, semi-living substance from the plane of shadow called “deep violet” that has since become part of the entire race’s biochemical makeup and the source of their strange and wondrous ability to sculpt their own bodies. In addition to the Ravan is their given racial paragon class that members of other races can also adopt, should they, too, become subjected to ingesting any given amount of deep violet. This class is called the [Spirit] Shaper—a stealthy melee combatant whose insight into the darkness within his/her own body not only makes him/her more resistant to illusions and negative energy and more competent in maneuvering through dark areas, but also (and more importantly) able to shape his/her own form to suit his/her current needs, from enhancing his/her senses and bolstering his/her running and jumping ability to secreting a slippery oil from his/her skin and growing such appendages as horns and arm spikes to secreting a slippery oil from his/her skin. Some shapers can even exude a crackling cold mist from their hands or forge a secondary personality to resist compulsions, increase his/her Bluff skill checks, and even cast first-level Wizard/Sorcerer spells twice per day. Thankfully, the mechanics described in this supplement prevent any player playing a Shaper from spamming this ability by only allowing said player a set number of shapes active at one time equal to ½ his/her Shaper level plus his/her Wisdom modifier. Also, shapes using the same body part (e.g., head, hands, arms, feet [and legs], and body) cannot be used at the same time as other shapes that use that same body part, and any polymorph spell or effect used on a shaper renders these shapes useless until he/she reverts to his/her “normal” form. Also, any “reserve” shapes a Shaper is allowed to adopt are determined by this/her racial class level, thus further ensuring a sense of balance for the class that maintains the class’s usefulness while also keeping it from being overpowered in respect to similar classes as the Ranger or Monk. Furthermore, a Shaper’s shapes are divided into initial shapes and shapes that are only accessible upon attaining level ten, when said Shaper gains the True Shaping class ability. In short, both the Ravan race and its racial paragon class, the Shaper, are pretty impressive, although I do have an issue with the way the writer(s) listed the Shaper’s shapes in a manner that is identical to the way the Shaper class features are written. It just makes the document a wee bit harder to read in that respect, and it doesn’t help that there aren’t any tables discussing these shapes, either, and telling the reader exactly what they are, what they do in a nutshell, which of the five body systems each shape is connected to, and when they become available to a given Shaper character. Otherwise, I very much enjoyed this supplement and would highly recommend it to any Pathfinder player looking for an odd yet unique race and base class to add to his/her game.

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Ravan & Shaper
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