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7th Sea: Players' Guide $29.95
Publisher: John Wick Presents
by Mark E. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/21/2011 00:06:07

The main book of my favorite RPG. Certainly the organization is a bit wonky but the world is full of adventure and just reading this book will get you curious about how it all turns out. It's as though they took the best tidbits of history and mashed them all together at once. The French Revolution and the Three Musketeers (it's coming), King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table (oh they're there all right), Machiavelli and the Merchant Princes of Italy (oh heck yea), Vikings, the 30 Years War? It's all in there with pirates and a system that is not only forgiving if you try the impossible, but that also encourages it.

I only wish AEG had the foresight to continue this product or at least licence it out to folks who would do more with it.

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7th Sea: Players' Guide
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