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RMFRP Races and Cultures $15.00
Publisher: Iron Crown Enterprises
by Ward M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/16/2011 19:34:26

Rolemaster Races and Cultures Guild Companion Publications (2004 original/2011 reprint) PDF (128 pages)


Part One: provides 24 racial templates for use in RMSS and Shandow World campaigns. (Many of these races were formerly considered NPC/Monster races.)

Part Two: provides 11 cultural templates for use in RMSS and Shadow World campaigns.

Part Three: Provides a few examples of using the new rules to design a character.

Likes: 1) The author makes a strong case for the fact that race and culture should be separate considerations. (For example, a dwarf raised in a big city would have more in common with a half-elf from the same city than he would with a dwarf who grew up hundreds of miles away in a mining community.)

2) You can now run monsters as PC's in your RMSS campaign!

3) The interior text is all black and white, making this book very printer-friendly. (Permission is granted to make one personal use copy of the manuscript.)


1) No bookmarks or hyperlinks in the PDF.

conclusion: If you run an RMSS campaign, buy this book. Even if you've never heard of Shadow World, this is a good book. (The SW information is clearly marked as such, making it easy to separate.)

[4 of 5 Stars!]