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SLA Industries
Publisher: Nightfall Games
by Ben B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/23/2011 18:39:26

A very gritty RPG, the black and white inked artwork ranging from line-art to photorealistic and the book being sprayed with 'excerpts' of 'in-world media-reports' and mini-stories help immerge in the 'Mort'-atmosphere. This does substract a little from the accessibility to the rules, as one has to skim trough a mass of background to find them. There is a "quick-start to the game" however, ironicly located on the very last page of the book (page 299), which is probably very easy to stumble upon in the physical version but less in digital format. The rules are quite clear once you get them and the background is a can of opportunity to ugly fun, but the mention "for mature gamers" on the back-cover is not uncalled for; psychological investment and imagination required. If you want a game to distract you from a nine-to-five office job and push aside the paperwork to "roll some dice" this may not be your thing. If you're not unfond of a bit of micromanagement and love detailed character-backgrounds (first game I know that actually has stats for 'getting out of bed on time in the morning') however, this game is heartily recommended.

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SLA Industries
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