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Modern Floorplans: Diner $2.51
Publisher: Fabled Environments
by David W. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/24/2006 03:18:49

Great stuff! What I love about these maps is that he overlaps each page quite extensively (which isn't a problem on ink as it is black-and-white) meaning that I can print without shrinking the page.

If I don't shrink the page by 94% you see, it will crop about half an inch off two sides. With maps that don't overlap this is a problem. It means I have to shrink 1" squares so that 1" figures overlap the squares slightly. No more! Overlapping means I can at last have 1" squares as intended.

The plan itself is sound. It does what it says, and provides options depending on what you want displayed.

The map is sound and logical. It is not overly big - less than four A4 sheets when cut out - but you don't always want big. For $2 this is a must-have for anyone like me running a town/city game.

Kudos to the designer.

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Modern Floorplans: Diner
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