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Cold City v1.1 $10.00
Publisher: Contested Ground Studios
by Daniel D. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/24/2011 21:22:15

As usual I am the Jonny come lately to reviewing this game. I would begin with saying this game is the perfect companion to Contested Ground Studios Hot War. A little adjustment would be needed for sure but the feel is very similar, just less post apocalypse. Yet not much. Picture post World War II Berlin. With the Berlin Wall's concrete still drying the secret cooperative of world power intelligence agencies meet. The purpose is to deal with Nazi Germany's Black Tech ticking like time bombs beneath the badly damaged city's streets. The idea is that this will be done in open view of the other agencies. All the while keeping the horrible truth secret from the world at large. The truth is agents will be placed in the horrible position to steal this tech for their respective governments, take out enemy agents, spy on the other side and struggle with their conscience as they salvage weird tech that is the product of pure evil. What's that? Want to put on the white hat and work with your compatriots to root out and destroy that which could end the world? You'll have to deal with your own government spying on you and possibly eliminating you as a traitor. Plus would your "compatriots" even trust you (or worse use you)? The game is very adept at bringing out the paranoia and hitting all the marks of a really good spy story. The mechanics are shaped to bring this about. I loved the art and writing style. Which I found very evocative. There is already one supplement out but with ample material from espionage and horror fiction you already have many directions you could go. If Mission Impossible and Lovecraft don't have the punch they used to this hybrid serves as a great example as what can be done with the genres.

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Cold City v1.1
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