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Don't Rest Your Head $5.00
Publisher: Evil Hat Productions, LLC
by Daniel D. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/24/2011 20:52:14

This is another game with several reviews behind it. Always a good indicator for a good game! Don't Rest Your Head does what many horror RPGs do with positing a secret world that that the uninitiated are unaware of. What is different here is that the initiated are those that cannot sleep. Not just, "I have slept in a day" variety insomniacs but the, "I haven't slept in weeks" kind. Where as extreme sleep deprivation would result in sudden unconsciousness or death in the real world (look it up) the effect here is unnatural a price. The powers can be as weird as origami that becomes real things to making your shadow do your bidding. These are player generated powers tied to origin stories but a supplement for the game gives other really great ideas. The other world I mentioned is a nightmare city that overlaps normal reality. Peopled by the stuff of dreams and nightmares. Our heroes are trapped within this city for a specified period of time and must stay awake as they hunted by creatures who want them taken care of for various reasons. The interesting trick Fred Hicks does here is using rope that the GM gives freely at player request. To either climb out of a jam, tie up enemies or hang themselves with. The rope is exhaustion and madness pools. Augmented by player request, carrying immense power and risk. They are represented by black and red D6s. Should your exhaustion over take you you fall asleep and fall to the mercy of the monsters who hunt you. Should your madness become too much you become one one of the monsters. For the full system scoop you need to pick up the game. As for the setting it just drips with nightmarish whimsy. The descriptions are not fully fleshed out intentionally to give the GM room to run. The art is composed of unique starkly contrasted black and white photos. The writing is great but like another reviewer I found the examples of play a little hard to follow. So if surreal horror with a dash or urban fantasy is your thing the fantastically designed Don't Rest Your Head should be top of your list. For all others...revise your list to fit this game!

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