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The Diviner Core Specialist Wizard $2.00
Publisher: Misfit Studios
by John L. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/07/2011 17:44:57

The Diviner: The Core Specialist Wizard provides a few useful examples of what I call "flavor rules" for playing one of the Specialist Wizards that the players handbook briefly discusses. Ultimately, Diviners aren't normally anything more than "Wizards" with a special knack at scrying or predicting. These Diviners, however, act more like you would expect a diviner in a movie to act.

For instance, you know in movies when a fortune teller tells a main character "There is a great evil watching you, be careful." Or in a book where a mystic says "This room is wrong...there, something is hidden over there!" In D&D, I would expect Diviners to be able to do that, but since there are no rules expressly stating that they can, many GMs won't be keen on just handing that information out to the players. This product gives you some flavorful rules for Diviners so that you have something concrete, on paper, to point at.

It has some other fun elements that make the $2.00 price tag worthwhile, in my opinion. I have a rogue who I know will begin pulling the "Fortune Teller Scam" that they list here. And the magical deck of cards in their magical items section manages to bring the air of whimsy and chance to the game that the Deck of Many Things brings, while at the same time leaving out the horrible consequences to the game should players draw cards that throw the entire story out of balance.

There are one or two problems with the text. A few printing errors here and there, and one of the feats was printed twice in a row for some reason. I also felt that some of the things in the Oracle prestige class would have really been good in the main Diviner class. If not for tiny complaints like that, I would've easily rated this as a four.

In the end, it's a good, solid piece of optional rule variants for you to look over for a reasonable price. Enjoy it, and add some much-needed flavor to your game.

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The Diviner Core Specialist Wizard
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