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The Sinking: Tunnels of Despair $1.99 $1.49
Publisher: 0one Games
by Peter I. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 06/11/2011 08:40:31

The Sinking - Tunnels of Despair is a short Pathfinder RPG serial adventure set in 0One Roleplaying Games' Great City campaign setting. This is a stand-alone adventure that forms part of a series of adventures that are entwined with a devastating event happening in the Great City. This particular adventure sees the player characters become involved in the underground slave activities of a dangerous crime organisation, where they come head-to-head with these criminals in a struggle that affects the lives of many in the Great City. This adventure is suitable for 1st level characters. As with all of 0One Roleplaying Games' products, the presentation and format of the product is immaculate and very professional. The artwork is fabulous, the maps are detailed and clear, and the writing is vivid and rich.

Following the devastation brought to the Great City through recent events, this adventure takes the characters on a rescue mission as a barmaid is captured by some thugs raiding the cellars of a local tavern. From there they delve into the tunnels beneath the gladiatorial arena, to become embroidered in the conflict between the highly dangerous Crimson Medusa and some refugee slaves set free by the recent cataclysmic events in the city. The characters must face various threats in the tunnels as they dance with the Crimson Medusa and the captors of the barmaid. Eventually things come to a head, and they must decide how to tackle the Crimson Medusa and how to deal with the slaves.

The adventure is energetic with lots of action, lots of hidden subterfuge and threats, and fast-paced. It balances roleplaying and combat nicely and offers enough material to allow the player characters to know that they are in charge of their own fate. The combat can be quite tough for 1st level characters, particularly the final stages of the adventure, but that's fair as the PCs aim to end the adventure threat with a bang. Here and there I wish the adventure had offered a little more detail and direction, particularly in the tunnels as the characters chase after the kidnappers. One minute they're chasing after the kidnappers and the next they're bumping into Crimson Medusa on the same path. The kidnappers have apparently managed to evade them but it's not clear how.

The adventure leaves a few strands of interest and plot development dangling, leaving you wondering exactly how things are going to pan out, and for that reason I'm looking forward to seeing how the remainder of the series is structured. I'm quite a fan of this format of adventures as it allows GMs to pick and choose adventures to their liking and string together those adventures that suit their needs and tastes. The Great City is a very accessible adventure campaign and this format goes a long way to making it even more so. Tunnels of Despair is a good addition to adventures in the Great City, and players and DMs alike will enjoy the nature and action of this adventure.

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The Sinking: Tunnels of Despair
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