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Chthonian Stars Core Setting $15.00
Publisher: WildFire
by Terry P. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/04/2011 01:56:51

Cthonian Stars is Cthulhu in Space. The premise is the arrival of a "Cthonian Star" which is emitting a strange energy which is awakening the slumbering Cthulhu Mythos creatures. It uses the Mongoose Traveller system, and requires that you own the Traveller Core rulebook. I always like the excellent writing and artwork in Wildfire products. Cthonian Stars is no exception.

This product would have received 5 Stars from me, except for the following issues:

The problems I have with Cthonian Stars: For one, it gives almost zero information on the colonies your characters are supposed to be investigating. With the Traveller world building rules in place, this should not have been a problem for them. Perhaps it will come out in an update. Another problem was, when I sent two questions to the creators on their website, they never responded. Both questions were setting related, and I thought, important enough to be answered. No answer. So I put Cthonian Stars away, even though I bought the Traveller Core Rulebook just to run it, and will focus my Sci-fi Horror attention elsewhere. I also tried to join the forums for this game, but was never admitted by the admins. Perhaps they are all on vacation?

The price is right, and it is nice, but do not expect support from its creators. You are on your own!

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Chthonian Stars Core Setting
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