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Where Heroes Fear To Tread
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Publisher: Brittannia Game Designs Ltd
by James R. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/22/2011 17:17:38

Though I am not familiar with Chivalry & SorceryTM products, this is a good story line for any gamemaster to adapt to his or her game system. Written well and a twist that was not expected upon reading the first part was great. Goes to show Lawful Good or Knightly orders can show human faults.

I saw reference to Dark Elves but saw no dark elves in the adventure. Like I said not familiar with this game system, perhaps Dark elves are too powerful for this particular level of setting. Though a good gamemaster of say D20 system could add a 2nd level Dark Elf Sorcerer as an antagonist

I would suggest to all D20 gamemaster the adventures should not be above level 2, perhaps 3 for the scale of the adventure does not seem fit for a party of characters who could easly throw a few 3rd level spells.

A group of pure casters would have trouble as there is much more melee action involved as say trap detection, or riddle solving.

The adventure is very streight forward and can be accomplished quickly, very good. On a scale I would give it a 7 of 10.

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Where Heroes Fear To Tread
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