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Modern Floorplans Volume 3: In the Neighborhood [BUNDLE] $8.51 $5.95
Publisher: Fabled Environments
by Arno V. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/17/2011 00:29:56

I am very pleased with every floorplan in this bundle. The floorplans are exactly as advertised. When printing them out I was happy to find each page had overlapping tiles from the other pages, which made it easier to line up and stick the pages together. The drugstore and church are easily reusable as other building types for my games, especially since they can be printed without names or furniture. The bank's distinctive style is very modern, similar to many new branches appearing for the major banks. While this has dinished its reusability somewhat, it has made it easier to visualize and relate to for my group.

I recommend buying the set, as it sure beats spending hours trying to find, scale and print building plans from online, or drawing your own.

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Modern Floorplans Volume 3: In the Neighborhood [BUNDLE]
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