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Back in 2004 when the D20 system was still booming and the Open Game License was encouraging publishers to experiment with their own compatible systems, it seemed anyone could be a PDF publisher. This book goes beyond being a RPG PDF publisher and is an essential guide to any form of e-publishing. It includes everything you need to know to get started price points, budgets, assembling a publishing team, legal advice, design and layout, a variety of open licenses (not just the OGL), managing artists and writers, and even writing press releases and handling search engine optimization (SEO). The amount of advice crammed into this book is staggering – in the age of social media hucksters there are consultants who charge thousands of dollars to cover just one chapter of this book. Just as valuable are the survey results scattered throughout the book which tell their own story: you see the appropriate price points for PDFs, what content customers are looking for, what features they hate (hint: it involves copy/paste), piracy issues, optimal size, and even sales numbers for RPGNow (before it merged with DriveThruRPG). There's demographic customer information and the optimal time that they purchase products – all invaluable data for any prospective publisher. Although the book is over six years out of date, the advice is still very relevant to the industry today.

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