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Fantastic Maps: Necromancer's Lair $2.96
Publisher: Rite Publishing
by Dawn F. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/22/2011 23:11:43

This map pack contains a complete set of printable map pages with instructions on how to assemble them for use directly on the tabletop. That seems straight forward enough.

There are two full size versions of this map, one in color and one that uses far less ink to print, a thoughtful help to poor GMs. Thumbnails and bookmarks make it easier to locate the exact page a GM wishes to review or print.

As listed above in the description this pdf includes map tool compatible items. There are magical glowing circles, statues and even an orb on the maps as well as in separate png files which you can print using a photo editor. This is what makes this a highly flexible product for clever Game Masters who want a lair to fill with magical traps.

I can see using the different colors of the magical circles provided to coincide with different stages of the progression of the traps a party may encounter. The flexibility of being able to print out and move around the color circles and statues also allows for interesting challenges Game Masters can present for their players. It is even possible to print these objects at different sizes if one wishes.

All that is left a GM to do is write up a set of vicious traps and encounters for this map and you are all set to ruin the day of any group of adventurers.

I love flexible products that help a Game Master's imagination soar. It doesn't hurt that the map is visually interesting and well drawn.

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Fantastic Maps: Necromancer's Lair
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