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Dark Oak $4.99
Publisher: Raging Swan Press
by Dave M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/21/2011 09:42:31

Dark Oak is the sort of excellent scenario I've come to expect from Creighton Broadhurst. It is presented in a clear and precise way and comes complete with some outstanding art and maps. Indeed, the art and maps could be considered to be worth the price alone!

The scenario itself has been written in such a way as to allow it to be slotted into any home campaign with minimal fuss and is designed to be played through in a standard session. The encounters are creatively thought out with the, potential, combatants having their own tactics and, as well as the obvious threats, there are also environmental hazards to contend with.

Included in the PDF are 6 pre-generated characters that allow for a GM to offer this up as a one-off break from another campaign if needed - perhaps as an introduction to Pathfinder itself.

Overall, as I stated earlier, this is an excellent scenario and I look forward to seeing more from Creighton and Raging Swan Press.

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Dark Oak
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