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#30 Intelligent Magic Items (PFRPG) $2.95
Publisher: Rite Publishing
by Dark M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/18/2011 13:11:21

30 Intelligent Magic Items by Rite Publishing

This product is 21 pages long. It starts with a cover and credits. (2 pages)

Introduction (1 ½ pages) This part is a IC introduction told from Pers Veilborn's point of view. It is a very interesting IC introduction. Next is a section about why some magic items are intelligent.

30 Magic Items (14 ½ pages) Here is the 30 magic items, they all have full stat blocks. Construction costs, special purpose, powers, personality, history, and appearance. Altairvat, Seeker of the Dark: A crystal ball of true seeing with the mind of a diviner driven insane by entities from beyond the stars. Very Cuthuluesk. Astijhen: A full-plate mail for horses with some fear and curse-related powers. Atham the Blacktongued: Pan pipes that can cause fear in all who hear it, fall into a nightmare filled deep slumber or make a corpse speak as per speak with the dead. Bahijja the Flatterer: A mirror that grants Chr bonus, can scry, or cast alter self on the user. The mirror is paranoid and tries to make the user so as well. Bassa of Masad: Heavy shield with the face of a lions head, can bite foes and can summon a lion ally. Gathib's Teeth: Set of hyena teeth to be worn in mouth grants bite attacks and speak with animals. Ghorev the Unlooked-For: Shrunken crows head, that can at will be ordered to transform back into a crow and carry a message. If the user dies the crow carries a message to the person of the users choice. Ha-Min's Circlet: Head band with bonus to Chr, detect magic at will. But cast lesser geas on user to preform charitable acts. Ha-Min's Trinket (Artifact): Can take the form of a kappakin, or once a day elemental body. Jaril-Junaid: Anarchic scimitar that can let the user rage. Do bonus dmg and by pass DR on lawful creatures. Javar Javarah the Comforter: Greatsword that can cast righteous Might, shield other and bless. Jealous Jaden: A Shatterspike longsword that tries to make the user destroy all other magical weapons. Kassantera the Deceiver: Wooden harp that can cast suggestion, confusion or modify Memory when played. Karkinos: A giant barrel that turns into a giant lobster to protect others. Ma-Oot-Mah-Zoor: Crystal skull mask that casts vampiric touch, disguise self and finger of death. Marrija: A Mirror that lets you make a clone of yourself. If you die at any time in 24 hours, your clone steps out of the mirror, knowing all you know. Marav Azab: A walking stick with travel and wilderness type powers. Nasirdil: Bloodline-associated ring with limit regen ability, summon a eagle and teleport the user when dead. Navishan: Amulet that improves negative energy channeling, cast fear and at times cast animate dead. Nukramajin's Hand: Skeletal hand the if placed on a corpse allows speak with dead or animate dead. Parzamon: Cloak for stage magicians, give glibness and dimension door in a puff of smoke. Ranklikor: Full-plate for horses, can cast haste, overland flight and daylight. Red Najaddi: Flying carpet that can cast feather fall and tiny hut as well. Sageseeker: Headband that give Wis bonus, cast calm emotions and prot from chaos. Salchuk Carpet: A flying carpet the protects the owner with poison, summon swarm and web spells. Stormshaper: Hide Armor that can cast giant form 2, obscuring mist, levitate, and fog cloud. Giants gain bonus against wearer. Tam: Mummified gnome hand that can cast mage hand and light. Tannarik: Crossbow of wounding, that can cast, true strike, Wind wall, and freedom of movement. Tchottochtum: Thundering Spear, that does bonus damage on crits, detects thoughts, wants to unit all orcs and make war on humans. The Bat Queen's Cloak: A cloak that can cast, glide, screech, summon swarm and invisibility.

It ends with a OGL and 2 pages of ads (3 pages)

Closing thoughts. The layout and editing was very good, it is nice borders. The artwork is a mix of black and white and color. It ranges from meh to ok. The items are all well done, with interesting histories, personalities and desires of their own. The worst of the items are just merely interesting, while the best ones make you want to figure out a way to get them in the hands of your PC's or NPC's. Really other than the art work which I wasn't a fan of, I have nothing even remotely negative to say about this product. If you want some interesting intelligent magic items for your game then pick this up, you won't be sorry. So what's my rating? Well artwork aside there is nothing at all wrong with this and the artwork doesn't distract from the product. Though art of each item would be been nice. So I am giving this a 5 star. I liked it that much I am forgoing my normal half star deduction I would give for the lack of art for each item.

Trust me, I'm a Succubus.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
Creator Reply:
I wanted to thank dark mistress from taking the time to do the reviews.
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#30 Intelligent Magic Items  (PFRPG)
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