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Cannibal Sector 1 $11.25
Publisher: Nightfall Games
by Allen H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/12/2011 16:45:21

Initially I had put off buying this product because I had heard some negative things about it. I really should have known better, though.

The product is excellent and gives an expanded view of Mort and the Cannibal Sector. It really explains things that I feel are lacking from the main rules book (especially the size of Mort city and the Cannibal Sectors in general).

The adversaries in the book expand the universe greatly. The Scavs are awesome. The Manchines exist in a vacuum no longer. The cannibals remind me of very bad things from very bad nightmares.

The book really gives an excellent feel for the sector, as well as giving a feel for what the rest of the city is like. It gives a real purpose behind higher level SCs. There is information buried in the sector that many people should not know.

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Cannibal Sector 1
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