Ironhill Citadel: Virtual Boxed Set© $19.99
Publisher: 0one Games
von NB N. [Häufiger Rezensent] Hinzugefügt am: 04/10/2011 19:15:12

This is a HUGE map set. It includes a number of areas of the Ironhill Citadel like the Merchant District, Lord District, Citizens' District, and several others. You can print these in sections or as the entire map. Like the other Oone's Blueprints sets you can get wireframe versions, versions with overlayed items/terrain, and a host of other options. This is just massive and quite frankly is a great map to use as a city-state in Dark Sun. With the number of options and huge overall size, this is well worth the $20.

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Ironhill Citadel: Virtual Boxed Set©
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