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Chronicles of Arax - Battle Wizard $1.00
Publisher: Crystal Star Games
by Alan H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/07/2011 15:56:09

I like the idea of being given an amount of gold coins and set free to buy equipment to customise a character, instead of being stuck with fixed sets which quickly become predictable and stale.

The idea of Augmented Fighting fondly calls forth the nostalgia of the AD&D spell Tenser's Transformation, and conjures a vivid image of a frail mage turned ferocious lion.

Spotted errors: Page 1, left column (background): I think you mean "Th_u_s, the Battle Wizards were born." Page 4, Augmented Fighting, 1st paragraph: "… by enhancing their weapons and abilities…"

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Chronicles of Arax - Battle Wizard
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