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Inked Adventures: Modular Dungeon Cut-Up Sections Basic Pack $5.50 $5.00
Publisher: Inked Adventures
by nik w. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/05/2011 10:26:19

This product would have got a 5 star rating had there been layers you could turn off. Every page has a border and title that cannot be turned off - therefore you waste ink - the artwork is excellent and still gives you plenty of choice

VERDICT - B+, could do better.

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Creator Reply:
You make a very good point about the border. During the product's development the border was very useful for tuning DPI and printer settings. With the logos and text it's all part of the protecting the product from copytheft - although maybe it could be a little less black - I will review this in future packs. Nonetheless, this product is far more ink-friendly than some of the more photo-realistic tile plans. Purchasers are advised to select carefully which pages they wish to print first, because this is such a large pack.
Without the layers feature, I hoped that the PDFs will open in many older PDF and non-Adobe browsers.
Other reviewers have also said that it's difficult to copy the art. I must stress that this product is designed to be printed onto card and then cut up to form dungeon layouts with props in play. It is not a digitally editable resource for software like Fantasy Grounds. Anyone interested in using similar graphics in an editor or art package (for personal use only) may like to check out the Art Packs sold by Rusty Axe games. (copy and paste into your browser's address bar)
Thanks again for looking at the Modular Dungeon's Basic Pack. :)
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Inked Adventures: Modular Dungeon Cut-Up Sections Basic Pack
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