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Mutants & Masterminds GM's Kit $9.95
Publisher: Green Ronin
by NB N. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 03/28/2011 20:39:10

This one will be a short one folks. First off, the artwork on this bad boy is crazy awesome. Your assumption that the primary use of the GM kit is the handy dandy tables that summarize almost all the numbers you need to run the game. That's obviously useful and I love having it as a PDF over the physical screen.

Now for the surprise. Rather than an introductory adventure, Green Ronin went with a character generator supplement. Character generator you say? Well that's probably just a set of quick start rules that you could get anywhere. WRONG! The generator is an awesome place to create quick PCs on the fly for Con games or a one-shot. You can whip up NPC enemies almost as fast as you can come up with a concept. Choose your options to create what you want or roll randomly on the tables. There are 20 archetypes that start the rolls. Then you get sub-tables from there. Everything from Battlesuits to Weather Controllers are there with plenty of mechanical options which underneath provide flavor for how to play your character. Did you build your own suit? Inherit it? Get it as part of a military experiment? These are the types of choices that lead to different stats, skills, and traits as well as a framework within which your character's personality can shine. The only thing I can't speak to is the balance of the various characters. I would hope they are all roughly equal in power and capability, but it'll take some real world testing to get a definitive answer. This will absolutely make sure I run the game though. It's too easy to get ready and go with whatever superhero world you can come up with.

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Mutants & Masterminds GM's Kit
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