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Faces of the Tarnished Souk: Viscount Zanzig, the Crystal Seer, High Prognosticator of Sarnath (PFRPG) $2.95 $2.21
Publisher: Rite Publishing
by Thilo G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/16/2011 12:25:31

This pdf is 11 pages long, 1 page front cover, 1 page editorial, 1 page SRD and 1 page advertisement, leaving 7 pages for the three incarnations of Viscount Zanzig, the High Prognosticator of Sarnath, so let's dive in. In the beginning, we get once again an aptly-written 1-page introduction to the character as well as several hooks and a how-to for using the character.

As with the last installment, I'm going to start CR-wise at the bottom and move up:

His low-level incarnation is:

Savant elf diviner 5 (CR 6). He gets 2 new spells;

-Canny Shot (Sor/Wiz 0): +2 to your next ranged attack, reduce miss chance by concealment by 20%

-Foe's Measure (Sor/Wiz 1): Learn class and creature type of affected creatures. The spell is thankfully fooled by disguise.

His mid-level incarnation is: Savant Elf Diviner 10 (CR 11). I found two capital Bs as minor editing glitches in the feat-section of this incarnation. He also gets a new spell:

-Perilous Strike (Sor/Wiz 3): Your next attack that misses gets a +20 to see whether it connects then. If this new attack would hit, with an attack roll unmodified by the spell , you confirm a critical.

His high-level incarnation is: Savant Elf Diviner 15 (CR 16). He gets 3 new items:

-Diadem of Servitude: Nice twist on the headband of vast intelligence -XYZ's (omitted due to minor spoiler) Amulet of Command: Deep Slumber,Feeblemind, Mass Charm Monster, Mass Suggestion, Mind Fog, Dominate Monster, Mass Hold Monster. As well as some subtle, devious abilities.

-Ring of Revelation: Permanent True seeing and Foresight

Zanzig also gets 5 new spells:

-X-Ray Vision (Sor/Wiz 5): Guess what that does.

-Teleport Tracer (Sor/Wiz 6): Track teleports

-Portrait of the Wanted (Pal 4, Rgr 4, Sor/Wiz 4): Obtain image of the last person touching an object. Why is this not on the Inquisitor's spell-list?

-Monstrous Lore (Clr 7, Drd 7, Sor/Wiz 7): Learn the names and only the names of the abilities of a touched creature, including special attacks, defenses etc. A bit metagamey for my tastes, but due to the name-restriction and the high-level actually appropriate.

-Mirrored Oracle (Clr 8, Sor/Wiz 8): Gain a pool of insight bonuses equal to the caster level. You may use these bonuses in increments. E.g. caster level 16 would provide +16, which you could e.g. divide into 2 +8 bonuses to rolls.

Finally, we get the savant template, which I did like. There is a case of a missing "h" in the section on skills, though.

Conclusion: Layout adheres to the two-column RiP-standard, the b/w artwork is nice. I noticed some minor editing glitches. I did enjoy the new spells as additional content and the items as well as the interesting and plentiful potential hooks for usage of Zanzig. However, with regards to the complexity of the statblocks, this NPC is once again on a level with Primus Gearheart and thus not as complex or far-out as Ahnkar-Kosh or Le Loup Solitaire. That being said, I felt he was a bit better executed than Primus Gearheart, thus my final verdict will be 3.5 stars.

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