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The New Argonauts
Publisher: Sean K Reynolds Games
by James J. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/03/2011 10:23:30

I was pretty disappointed. Free is free, of course, and considering the respectable effort put into organizing this supplement there are certainly things you can glean from it. But even though the author disclaims at the beginning that he is not trying to be historically accurate, he seems more interested in fitting the game to mythic Greece, instead of the other way around.

That's a real shame, because a few small tweaks allow the inclusions of so many more options. You must be a human when satyrs and centaurs could easily be made an option. But the class restrictions are even worse. Even though Orpheus was so good at song that he charmed Hades, Bard is not an acceptable class option. Even though gods frequently bestowed their priests and priestesses with supernatural powers, cleric is not an option. Even though there are multiple studied magic users in Greek mythology, wizard is not an option. Even though there are scores of wild creatures and wild magics in Greek myth, druids are not allowed. Many of these classes need little more than a name change (Bard doesn't even need that) to be compatible in a setting like this. The new class, Hellenic Sorceress, is pretty cool, and really is its own class with its own magic. Other than that, though, your only option is to hit stuff. In a setting where gods walk around freely, think of the fun potential of playing a Priestess of Athena or an Acolyte of Zeus. Sorry, not an option. You're playing a fighter.

I credit this supplement for its detail into culture and geography. Where it's easy to Westernize the setting, the author defends against that by detailing many of the ways that people lived differently in ancient Greece. However, again, he is too rigid. No one wants to play a female character that, while respected, is still supposed to stay in the home.

The author of this supplement was clearly a student and lover of Greek culture. Unfortunately that love seems to overshadow a love for RPGs, and since this is an RPG supplement, that should take the higher priority.

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