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101 7th Level Spells (PFRPG) $5.99
Publisher: Rite Publishing
by Dark M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/13/2011 01:20:33

101 7th level Spells by Rite Publishing This product is 34 pages long. It starts with a cover and credits. (2 pages) The seventh installment of the 101 spells. Next it jumps to the spells by class tables. (3 pages) Cleric – 43 Druid – 30 Sorc/Wiz by school Abjuration - 9 Conjuration – 9 Divination – 5 Enchantment – 7 Evocation – 9 Illusion – 8 Necromancy – 10 Transmutation – 19 The following section gets into the meat of the spells. Here is a few that stood out for me good and bad. (27 pages) Good Bane of the Warlock – Creates a burst of divine energy that harms arcane casters/abilities. Bestow Greater Curse – a more effective curse. Caster Feedback – creates a area where any spell or spell like ability is used, it causes damage to the caster. Choking Darkness – creates a thick area of darkness, that not only blocks, sight, but sound and other senses. It is so think it can suffocate those inside. Deception – You become invisible while a illusory double of yours does a preset routine. Dragon Summon – You summon a dragon, love the idea of this spell. I do have one critic, it accepts commands and will attack things for you. It won't harm it's self. My one problem is this last, it won't attack creatures 8 CR above it, my problem is I think that is a bit to high personally. I would have lowered it to 4 or so. Dragon's Teeth Warriors – you bury dragon teeth and clay golem warriors spring from the ground to fight for you. Limited number based on level. Haunted Grounds – You make a area appear to be haunted. Due to the long casting time which I like. I think it should have effected a larger area and lasted longer days instead of hours. Heart Clutch – Gruesome spell that deals con dmg, if it does enough to kill the target their heart rips out of their body into the casters hand. Kismet's Whisper – You see the future, neat idea. It works by during the duration at any point if something happens, bad roll, event happens etc. The caster can declare this is the event they seen and get a single standard action just before the events happen. It must be done as soon as it starts, then redo that round with the caster getting a standard action at the very start. Perhaps to yell ambush before walking into it. Scourage – A powerful curse that is permanent until removed. Steadfast Friend – Permanent charm person spell until removed. Gets a new save if attacked by you or your friends. Steal Painful Memory – Cast on a area and it removes on painful memory. Such as forget Tom Falcons murder. Those that fail the will save will believe what makes most sense instead. Maybe he moved away or died of natural causes, everyone believes the same thing. Great fluff spell. Unforgettable – Everyone notices and remembers the target. Another great fluff spell. Unmagical Curse – a Curse that removes their magical abilities, supernatural abilities, spells and magic items no longer work for them. Last until removed. Unravel the Mortal Coil – does damage to target, if enough to kill them, they raise as a undead under the casters control. My critic, it doesn't way when, so I am guessing at once. I think it would have been cooler if it raised the round after it died. Wall of Divine Light – does divine dmg to those passing threw, undead take more damage. I do have on critic, I think those of the same alignment or maybe worship the same god as the cleric should be immune.

Good/Bad Wall of Torment – Love the idea of the spell. It is even a ok spell. It cause dex and str dmg with a moral penalty to attack, saves, etc rolls. It is invisible, I think it would have been cooler to look like a wall of screaming tormented ghosts and add in a minor fear ability to attempt to pass threw it.

Bad Consume Item – with a touch it destroys magic items(save for broken) and gives temp hp. I suppose it is not a bad spell, but I just didn't care for it. I can't say way but it just, something about it. It closes with a OGL and 2 pages of ads. Inspire True Love – Ok I am listing it as bad, I don't think it is a bad spell, it is a interesting fluff spell. What I don't like is it is transmutation and to me it should be divination. Since with in a weeks time they will somehow meet their true love, but won't know who it is. Ordeal of Lose – Cast on willing creature, it last until it is charmed and the charm wears off. Once it does it makes a save, either way it is filled with depression and lose, a lost save does subdual dmg, reduced to zero hp from it and it starts doing lethal dmg. Ok the spell I suppose is fine, but I don't get the point really. I suppose it is a way to if they fail their save make your charm targets not be a threat to you, but I found the spell meh. I would have rather it effect the memory of the target and make it remember the caster of the charm that effected it fondly and not be upset at being charmed or something like that. As it is I found the spell very meh.

It ends with OGL and ad. (2 pages)

Closing Thoughts. The art is black and white and ranges from ok to pretty good. I didn't notice any obvious errors in the book. There was a few points where things could have been more clear but all and all not bad. Most of the spells where pretty good and well balanced. I mentioned a few of the spells I had issues with or had critics for. Again in this one where there was fewer spells I thought was very good though, but the ones that was very good where top notch. There was more spells I thought was meh, than in previous versions. Not bad just not really my thing. To be fair though I am finding it much harder to judge a spells power at these higher levels. So whats my rating? Well I thought this one was pretty good, not great but pretty good. I am giving it a 4 star. I almost went 3.5 but felt it was just good enough to warrant a 4 star. I know higher level spells are typically hard to balance.

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101 7th Level Spells (PFRPG)
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